All about us

The accordion orchestra Euphonia in Berlin offers its audience a varied and ambitious repertoire which includes original compositions, classical works and modern arrangements, with new points of focus all the time. The 25 accordion enthusiasts are always ready to try new experiments, while remaining true to the motto “We play everything – except folk music”.

The orchestra, together with its conductor Sonja Merz, has received international awards on several occasions for its expressive interpretations and its unique sound.

The orchestra are particularly fond of playing tango music. In May 2009 Euphonia was privileged to be on stage with two great bandoneon players: Luis Stazo and Peter Reil. Together they created an evening of Tango Argentino and Tango Nuevo, with quiet bandoneon solos and powerful orchestral sound.

The accordion orchestra Euphonia was founded in 1985 by Sonja Merz. Under her highly qualified and successful direction the orchestra has been able to leave traditional expectations about accordion sound far behind.

“An instrument to be hugged - The accordion is not an old fashioned squeezebox. This is demonstrated by Euphonia and their 'classical plays'”
(Inna Hartwich, Berliner Zeitung, Jan. 28, 2016)